10 Must See Movies About Mental Illness

Movies that depict mental illness accurately educate and help fight stigma. They can also help undiagnosed individuals know what they are dealing with, while letting those diagnosed know that they are not alone.

Have you seen any of these films? I tried not to include too many well-known movies that most of us have seen, such as Girl, Interrupted (which is a great movie and book). Be sure to let me know of your favorite film below!

1. Sea of Trees

Sea of Trees is about a grieving man (played by Matthew McConaughey) who goes to the famous suicide forest to end his life. Instead, he finds the will to live. This movie is definitely sad, but it's well-done and ends on a positive note.

Topics: Depression, Suicide

2. What About Bob?

What About Bob? is about a man (played by Bill Murray) with obsessive-compulsive disorder who drives his psychotherapist off the edge. I first watched this movie when I was a child. My family and I loved it. Bill Murray is great at portraying OCD in a likable character.

Topics: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

3. A Beautiful Mind

As someone with schizoaffective disorder, this film was both hard to watch and refreshing. I read the book when I was 16. Even though I hate math, I remember being surprised by how much I related to the main character, the mathematician John Nash. Little did I know, I would be diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder four years later. While this film has the obligatory plot twist (which gets old), it shows a likable and intelligent schizophrenic narrator.

Topics: Schizophrenia

4. The Road Within

The Road Within is about three young adults who escape from a mental facility to go on a road trip together. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, especially because it managed to be funny. The characters are likable and the story is moving.

Topics: Tourette's Syndrome, Anorexia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

5. To The Bone


To The Bone is about a young woman's journey to recovery with anorexia. This movie is great because it shows multiple individuals dealing with eating disorders, including a boy. It is a Netflix original.

Topics: Eating Disorders, Depression

6. Prozac Nation

This film is about a young woman dealing with depression and self-harm while in college. This film is based on the book, which I really enjoyed. It did make me depressed, but I felt this was necessary to portray how to the author felt. Just keep that in mind and remember to practice self-care.

Topics: Depression, Self-harm, Drug abuse

7. American Beauty

American Beauty is a stunning film about a man (played by Kevin Spacey) having a mid-life crisis. The film shows several characters depicting a mental illness. It also touches on the stigma of being in the LGBT community, which is always a plus. This is one of my favorite movies with a great soundtrack. Trigger warning for gun violence.

Topics: Depression

8. Welcome to Me

This movie stars Kristen Wiig who is one of my all-time favorite actresses. Wiig plays a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder who loses her psychiatric medication at the beginning of the movie and then buys her own talk show. This movie is hilarious and refreshing.

Topics: Borderline Personality Disorder

9. What's Eating Gilbert Grape

This movie stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp. DiCaprio plays a boy with autism. This movie is great because it shows how neurodivergent children are treated differently and how the condition affects the entire family.

Topics: Autism, Obesity

10. Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is about a family helping their daughter get into the finals of a beauty pageant. The family is dysfunctional, including an uncle who experiences depression and anxiety. This movie is great because it's also hilarious, but trigger warning for self-harm.

Topics: Depression, Self-harm, Body Image


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