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The Easy Way to Feel Stress Free

I'm sitting here staring at the bath mat wondering how I'm going to survive this. I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago, and it feels like someone has reached into my chest and squeezed my heart until it burst. I feel numb and cold. Everybody goes through breakups, though, right?
I have so much to do today, but I'm still sitting here for some reason. Is this going to be my whole day? Sitting here staring into space in shock? In a last-ditch effort, I open the Feel Stress Free app that I've been using.

I pick my mood, which is low, and click on the mood meter. It asks me to "describe the situation." Several bubbles pop up. I choose "relationship problems" and "something bad that happened recently." I'm feeling lonely and rejected. I'm thinking that I won't be able to survive this. The purple bubbles fill the screen with alternative ways to think about my situation. Better ways. I choose bubbles that encourage me with remi…