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Book Review: Dove Keeper by Emily Deibler

Dove Keeper is a gothic horror novel centered on three powerful women who lived in Rennes, France in 1918. The novel is written by Emily Deibler, a dedicated writer, artist, and nerd who explores trauma, grief, abuse, and neurodivergence in her writing. Some of the characters are loosely based off her ancestors who were executioners (which is so cool). Main Themes: TraumaFeminism LGBTNeurodivergence
The book begins with Rosalie who leads a lonely life of regret and isolation as an executioner's wife. Because of events in her past, Rosalie is overprotective of her daughter Marcy. Marcy, barely allowed to leave the house due to a growing number of missing children, becomes attached to the first girl she meets, Jehanne. What follows is a tale that reveals the dark secrets in a small town and the pain hidden within a family. Main Characters: Rosalie Deibler - Marcy's motherMarcy Deibler - Rosalie's daughterJehanne - Marcy's friendAndre - Rosalie and Anatole's nephewAnatol…