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Book Review: Birth of A New Brain by Dyane Harwood

I "met" Dyane Harwood online when she joined this blog's Facebook group. She so kindly offered a free copy of her book, and when I started reading it, I knew I wanted to feature it in the Writers With Mental Illness Book Club & Subscription Service. We've been discussing Birth of a New Brain this month if you'd like to pop in and see what people are saying.

As an avid memoir reader, I've come to appreciate the different techniques of various memoirists. While memoirs aren't generally known for being thrillers, Harwood consistently ended every chapter with a hook that pulled me to the next page and kept me reading. I really appreciated Harwood's raw honesty above all. She is down-to-earth, and by the end of the book, it felt like she was a good friend of mine. I think the best books are like that. Birth of A New Brain Summary Birth of a New Brain is a memoir about being a mother and wife with postpartum bipolar disorder. It chronicles the developmen…