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Book Review: Don't You Fall Now by Claudia Love Mair

In the beginning I had a beautiful boy. In the middle he lost his mind. And now, at the end — is this the end? – Kamau took to the air on his own wings, and the wind did not hold him.

-Claudia Love Mair
Don’t You Fall Now is June’s book of the month. It’s a memoir about a mother with bipolar disorder whose son Kamau becomes psychotic and falls off a parking structure. It is filled with love. I carried the book around town in my bag as I read it and at times, it felt like I was carrying Mair’s beating heart. There was no holding back. It was so incredibly honest. She shared thoughts we’d all be afraid to admit, ones she felt were selfish or shallow, worrying about her sons looks or wondering if it was better for him to live or die at one point. Her sometimes blunt thoughts were juxtaposed by lyrical prose rife with metaphors about flying. Bird imagery was a theme throughout the entire book that tied the reader back to Kamau’s initial delusion that the birds were telling him he needed to …